Best WBL Practices for SMES and large Companies/Multis

How can companies get involved in apprenticeship/WBL programs? How can they get a good apprentice/student? How can they help this student to become a qualified worker?

Apprenticeship/WBL programs are set up differently across Europe. As an employer or HR manager to successfully involve in this process, we will give you some good general ideas which will help you.

Attending an open day at school

Schools can arrange an open day where the companies can introduce themselves to students. It is a very good idea to attend that kind of event. It will take your time, but you will be able to get in contact with the best candidates.



Companies’ open day

The other idea is that the company can arrange an open day and invite students to visit and show them around. Students can get the idea of where and how they are going to work.




Attending education and professions fair

If there is something like that organized, it is a good idea to attend. You can see how other companies promote themselves, you can get a sense of which profession is the most interesting for future students and maybe that will give you some ideas on how to turn this trend around.

It is good to invite current apprentices/students (if you have them already in your company) to attend these promotions. They can most easily impress their peers.


Promotional material

The material should be eye-catching, original and memorable.


Appointing a mentor

The company appoints a mentor and send him to additional pedagogical-andragogical training to facilitate and better mentor the apprentices.


Selection of apprentices

It is a good idea to invite potential apprentices and their parents to the company and show them around. That will give them the filling of what will be expected from them. After the candidates are shortlisted, it is wise to have a job interview with the candidates to choose the right ones.


Preparation before the start

All the institutions involved in the process should meet to prepare all the documentation for each apprentice/student (contract, plan, diary, etc.)


Apprentices/student in the company

On the first day/week in the company employees (mentor and person in charge of WBL) should show them around. This enables them to meet their future co-workers. During the apprenticeship/WBL program, they should rotate in a different workplace to get to know the whole process of working in the company. After the apprenticeship is over, they will become qualified to work independently in the company.