Find out more about the frequently used terms in VET and WBL! Andragogy This is a theory put forward by Malcolm Knowles, who refers to methods, principles and assumptions about the approach to and  the characteristics of adult learners. Source: Term adapted by author Additional Reference : Assessment of Learning Outcomes Process of appraising knowledge, know-how, skills and/or competences of an individual against predefined criteria (learning expectations, measurement of learning outcomes). Assessment is typically followed by certification. Source:  Cedefop (2014). Terminology of European education and training policy: a selection of 130 terms. Additional References : Apprenticeship an apprenticeship is a job with training to industry standards. It should be in a recognised occupation, involve a substantial programme of on and off-the-job training Source : CEDEFOP European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training Cedefop is one of the EU’s decentralised agencies. Founded (1) in 1975 and based in Greece since 1995, Cedefop supports development of European vocational education and training (VET) policies and contributes to their implementation. The agency is helping the European Commission, EU Member States and the social partners to develop the right European VET policies. Source : Additional References :   CEFR … Read more