What is Work-based-learning?

Have you ever tried to imagine your “ideal employee”?Ideally, it would be a person who is dedicated to the job, loyal to the employer, being in a possession of all theoretical and practical knowledge required for the certain position, sharing and representing the same values as the company itself.But where and how to find your “ideal employee”?How to achieve this level of synergy? Today we expect students and employees to possess these 21st Century skills in order to be successful in their careers.The skills looked for by employers are often cited as:Collaboration and teamworkInformation literacyCreativity and imaginationLeadershipCritical thinkingCivic literacy and citizenshipProblem solvingOral and written communication skillsFlexibility and adaptabilitySocial responsibility and ethicsGlobal and cultural awarenessTechnology literacy But where and how is it possible to gain such a wide range of knowledge and practical skills especially among young people when they are only starting out in their career paths? WBL might be the answer.