Compare WBL Quality Standards

How do you make sure Vocational Education and Training (VET) is corresponding with European Standards? What if there was a framework to help you with that? It has become more and more important for EU Member States and their VET-providers to implement comparable quality assurance frameworks in VET. The “European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training” (EQAVET) offers you as employer or HR manager a framework to help you document, develop, monitor, evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your VET services and quality management systems. In short, the EQAVET framework supports you in improving your Quality Assurance policies and making them comparable to European Standards. The main goal of EQAVET is to improve the transparency, consistency and transferability of VET providers all over Europe. The framework contains a quality assurance cycle that has been constructed on certain quality criteria, descriptors and indicators that can be used in quality management. The quality assurance cycle consists of four phases: planning, implementation, evaluation and practices. EQAVET is a voluntary tool that can be implemented gradually, based on national legislation and practices. How does it benefit learners? Implementing the framework helps to improve the employability and mobility of learners because it aims to … Read more

Decode the Jargon

How do you estimate the level of qualification of employees and job applicants? Especially if they have achieved the qualification in another country?
As vocational education and training