Daily Life of WBL Mentors

What is like to Mentor? The Mentor has the specific task of guiding employees with less experience within the workplace context and establish strong and reliable relationships with the different individuals involved.  One will observe how a mentor interacts with the different stakeholders involved at different stages of the mentoring process. This includes the relations and interactions with mentees, employers and each stakeholder within the mentoring process. The Mentor at the place of work is responsible for the moulding of individuals into ever-developing professionals. They are a point of reference and the team members of a company to which mentees turn to for guidance and support in their growth and development along their career journey. On a daily basis a Mentor is the source of support and learning.   Daily Planning and Preparation The Mentor needs to get to know who they will be mentoring and what are the goals of the company and the individuals who will be undergoing mentoring. Thus the mentor will need to dedicate time to researching the goals and mentoring methods and practices through which ultimately these individuals reach the set goals. Mentors needs to identify different practices and select those practices which could work … Read more