Generation’s self-awareness: where do I belong?

Self-awareness is a very interesting and important topic not only in this concrete subject but in life in general. Self-awareness stands as the extent to which a person is conscious of several aspects of its inner self, and how those perceptions are integrated with the ones other people may have. David V. Day, Stephen J. Zaccaro,Stanley M. Halpin – Leader Development for Transforming Organizations: Growing Leaders for Tomorrow. (2004) Psychology Press. When looking at generations and how this could be affected by self-awareness, many points appear. We are going to discuss how self-awareness can help a multi-generational labour environment in several ways. The first point a person should be aware of in this unit is to which generation he/she belongs. Although that type of information may seem dull, knowing it can lead to realising how the way you see things a certain way may have to do with the generation you were born and raised into. When we notice that our concrete ideas depend on things we have lived, it becomes easier to understand other people’s ideas and thoughts, or even to accept that in some ways other opinions may be better than ours. In order to refresh the generation … Read more

Understanding Generations At Work

Knowing people working with you is a key point to successfully manage your employees and collaborators. And one of the main issues related to it is the fact that each employee belongs to a different generation. Understanding generations at work gives you a high-value tool to better know how to treat each person; the truth is, each employee is a different world, but depending on the generation they belong to it is probable that they will react in a concrete way to very specific features. By understanding what each generation is and their opinions related to work, it will be easier to know how to deal with them in the best way for both employees and employers. However, understanding there are different generations is not the only necessary step for employers and HR Managers. The problem is not the fact that there are many generations; the problem is that each generation requires completely different things at work. And treating each of them accordingly to what they expect may allow the employer/ HR manager / and people responsible of WBL to motivate the worker into giving its best at work. For the first time ever, we have five generations in the … Read more

Generations In Companies

The Intergenerational Phenomenon in Companies It is increasingly evident that companies present heterogeneous staff in terms of age. Thus, it is not uncommon to find between three and five generations coexisting in the same work environment: Veterans, Millennials, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, Generation Z. The generational diversity in companies is evident. None of them has the same way of working, ways of proceeding, knowledge and work and life circumstances. Although we are aware of these differences, we have not delved into what experiences, values, abilities, concerns and motivations mark their vital and professional essence. This generational reality becomes strategic for organizations because there are still many challenges to be solved. Among others, we need Baby Boomers to retire as late as possible and continue to add value. However, we disassociate them or do not count with them, and nobody measures in economic terms what the decapitalization of their knowledge supposes. Meanwhile, our mature youth, Generation X, currently trapped between the burdens of their age, children, mortgages … and the lack of projection in their professional careers by the Baby Boomers, feel stressed and unmotivated because everything falls on them. In the relationship with our young people, Generation Y … Read more