Talent Capture

How talent management helps organisations to become better equipped for the future Organisations and companies worldwide act more and more under conditions of constant change and increasing unsecurity. The reasons for this development are complex and diverse but some can be mentioned here: increasing (global) competition, digital transformation, societal as well as climate change. Companies have to develop competences that allow them to better cope with these dynamics. It seems to be more and more important to focus on strengthening the human factor of organisations to help them become more agile – react fast and foresighted. It therefore becomes more and more important to identify and hire the right people, with the right skills and competences and put them in the right key positions. Talent Capture and Management seem to be the state of the art approach to do so. At first, we need to clarify what can be understood by the term talent. Talent in a WBL or  working context can be defined as the potential of individuals to contribute significantly to business performance and success – this talent can consist of different attributes such as naturally given abilities, certain knowledge, behaviors as well as specific skills and competences. … Read more