Feedback Session


Think about the situation you had to give a feedback to another person relevant to your workplace and position.

Write a short article to demonstrate different strategies used to provide a constructive feedback.

Once you have identified the situation and completed the article, proceed to the “giving feedback checklist” (Part 2). Complete the checklist following the instructions.

Completing this part of the learning forward all the outputs of this exercise to your trainer for assessment and feedback.


Giving Feedback Checklist

Complete the following checklist based on a recent experience of providing feedback to a colleague or peer.  Take time to consider if you would do it differently and what ways you might go about improving the way you give feedback.

  • Did I find out if there were any special issues the other person wanted to focus on in the review session?
  •  Did I focus on specific behaviours?
  •  Did I make sure the behaviour is controllable by the recipient?
  •  Did I think about how I might feel receiving these comments?
  •  Did I use non-judgemental language?
  •  Was my feedback timely and in context?
  •  Did I state when my feedback was subjective rather than objective?
  •  Did I provide feedback on the person’s strengths and accomplishments as well as weaknesses and errors?
  •  Did I avoid overloading the person with too much feedback?
  • Did I find out if my feedback was understood?
  • Did I demonstrate support to the person?
  • Did I invite the person to comment on my feedback?


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