Introducing foreign qualifications & frameworks

Video A) National Framework of Qualifications - Quality and Qualifications Ireland

This video introduces the concept of a National Qualification framework using the example of EU member state Ireland and the purpose of such a framework for both employers and employees.


Video B) Recruiting qualified workers from other European countries

Using the example from the logistics industry, this video provides an overview of the kinds of difficulties and challenges faced by employers when the decide to recruit staff from a different country.


Video C) Showing and using skills

A brief video overview of the EQF and how it helps workers who wish to seek employment abroad and for business hiring internationally


EU Qualification Framework

Video A) Explaining the European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

This online video from the UK qualifications authority gives a brief introduction to the EQF, and its purpose in providing a guideline for employers to understand qualifications across different EU countries. There is a brief overview of how the qualification levels are structured, and uses the example of how they compare to the UK qualification structure. With examples from the food & Hospitality industry, the video presents the benefits to both employers and employees across Europe.


Video B) EQF – 10 years of European Qualifications Framework

This online video gives a brief overview of the structure of the EQF and how it covers all skills and experiences and how these are translated into the different levels of qualification.


Video C) Introduction into EQF and ECVET

This video provides an in-depth overview of the EQF and how qualification levels are compared across countries using the EQF, with illustrative examples. The concept of learning outcomes is introduced and how work experience is valued within the framework. The concept of worker mobility through ECVET is also introduced


Video D) European Professional Card (EPC)

This video serves as an introduction to one of the EU tools available for qualification recognition across different EU countries, the EPC card. This video chooses the example of the nursing sector to illustrate the purpose of the EPC.


Practical examples from Industry

Video A) European Qualification Frameworks promo

This short video from the restaurant and hotel sector illustrates how skills and qualifications are being recognized across different European countries using the EQF system


Video B)  Relating international qualifications to the EQF in the welding sector

This online video gives a clear industrial example from the welding industry and how this industry is using the EQF system to compare qualifications across Europe with the qualifications standards within the welding industry.


Video C) EOSE presents ECVET

This video introduces the concept of the EQF and ECVET in the context of Sports & leisure industry and how qualifications are compared across the European countries