Tame the paperwork jungle using Interoperability

Are you responsible for handling job applications?
Do you wish there was an efficient way to compare the qualifications of applicants?


Search no more!
The Europass CV is one of the most used CV templates in Europe with more than a 130 million CVs created since 2005. While it is very useful for job applications across national borders, the Europass CV holds a special benefit for employers, too and it is called Interoperability. It allows you to gather and present all Europass CVs in a single MS Excel Spreadsheet. This means, you can see the qualifications of job applicants at a glance by clicking on a certain row.

How can you use the Interoperability?

You have two main options to use this feature:

  1. Integrate the Interoperability directly in your company's website.

  2. Use the Europass2Spreadsheet feature.

The second one is by far the easiest if you would like to try the feature or if you handle job applications only occasionally. You just have to ask potential job applicants to send you their CV as Europass (it should be a PDF), and then you can upload the CVs to the Europass2Spreadsheet service here. Download the MS Excel file and compare the data of your job applicants at a glance! See the example of the spreadsheet or use the sample CVs linked below to try this feature on your own!

The Interoperability feature itself is quite broad and allows you to put an add-on to your company's website, where applicants can upload their CVs directly. The MS Excel file is then send automatically to you. If you would like to implement this, it is best to get in touch with your website administrator. Have a look at the service and its full scope here.

Test the Europass2Spreadsheet:

  1. Download the Europass CV samples (as provided by Europass CV Samples):
    Europass CV Sample 1 [EN]
    Europass CV Sample 2 [EN]
  2. Go to this website and upload both Europass CVs.
  3. Click on the "send" button and download the MS Excel file.

A Tip for Real Europass Experts:

The MS Excel spreadsheet generated by Europass is not only useful for handling job applications.
Maybe you are responsible for further education and training of your employees?
Let them create a Europass CV and keep track of their qualifications and potential needs for training using the Interoperability or the Europass2Spreadsheet feature!

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